Asset Managers


Asset Managers

Prime Auction Solutions has the expertise to assist lending institutions, Trustees, Attorneys and other Asset Managers in the proper liquidation and sale of Personal Property & Real Estate.

Developing a tailored accelerated marketing plan to publicize the Auction, the needed exposure and buyers will be generated to help professionals in turning their asset portfolio into the highest cash value within the most efficient amount of time.

Utilizing the latest technology for a Live, Online or combination sale will allow for a successful event, with increased participation, reaching a maximum return.

We can quickly help evaluate, secure and manage your asset portfolio.

Auction Benefits:

  • Auction is an aggressive, advance marketing program that increases interest in and awareness of a property creating competition and higher prices among buyers
  • An entire asset portfolio or Real Estate can be sold on a specific date with a rapid transfer of title to cash buyers
  • Carrying costs can be avoided
  • Property will be sold As-Is
  • Auctions provide an open forum for bidding to satisfy interested parties, creditors & the court
  • Auctions help avoid negotiations & contingencies
  • Auctions allow the asset manager to set the date & control the terms of the Sale
  • Auctions avoid unnecessary viewings and access to the property
  • The asset is turned into Cash in the shortest and most efficient amount of time

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What Our Clients Say

"The extensive marketing they provided to get my home sold was incredible! I will only admit it now is easy to tell these ladies have massive amounts of marketing experience! I couldn’t have picked a better team to work with! Thanks for everything we look forward to referring you to friends and family!"

Mauri E.

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