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Auctions are an innovative and highly successful method of marketing to sell Real Estate, Assets & Personal Property. Prime Auction Solutions provides sellers with an accelerated sales solution by implementing a targeted marketing campaign & Auction sales methods which deliver results.

Our experienced and dedicated Auction team specializes in working with Sellers to evaluate their unique needs and timeline in order to design a successful accelerated marketing campaign which brings a pool of interested, qualified buyers to preview and bid on the Auction date selected by the Seller. 

Auctions once considered the last resort are now being sought out by sophisticated Sellers as a way of marketing Assets & Real Estate to Buyers around the world. Prime Auction Solutions with over 35 years of combined Auction Experience is ready and well prepared to help you turn your asset into a SOLD.

Auction Benefits:

  • Seller sets terms of sale
  • Seller selects the Auction Date 
  • Property will be sold “As-Is, with NO CONTINGENCIES” 
  • Assurance the property will be sold at True Market Value
  • Auction accelerates the selling process
  • There is a peace of mind knowing that settlement will be achieved within 30 days
  • Avoid long term carrying costs (interest, taxes, insurance & maintenance fees)
  • Buyers pay most closing costs
  • Targeted Auction marketing creates a large number of qualified registered cash Buyers.
  • Auction creates competition among buyers. The competitive excitement generates multiple escalating bids, which in turn can help exceed the price of a negotiated sale.
  • Eliminate numerous and unscheduled showings
  • Buyers must qualify for financing BEFORE the Auction
  • Seller can set a reserve
  • Aggressive tailored marketing campaign which generates visibility & interest
  • Prime Auction Solutions Mobile App and Website Bidding platform allow buyers to participate in the Auction from around the world

Auction Marketing & Digital Auction Marketing:

Expertise in Marketing is what truly sets Prime Auction Solutions apart. With a highly experienced marketing team whom understand the psychology and art of creating successful marketing campaigns for each unique asset project.

Through the use of HD photography and HD videography, our marketing experts capture and compose a successful digital auction marketing campaign. The right visuals are shared through press releases, social media, print marketing to grab the buyer’s attention to inquire and attend our Auctions. With the growing importance of online presence, the digital campaign is absolutely the most important component of attracting the target audience. 


Contact us if you have any questions about registering or participating in our upcoming Auction: 703.889.8949 or

What Our Clients Say

"...wonderful to work with and are true professionals. Our transaction closed with all respective clients extremely happy. Anne and Avisha went the extra mile to insure everyone was informed with every step and instrumental on a successful closing. I cannot say enough on how important it is to have agents who are focused and work hard on getting the job done. I look forward to working with them again soon.

Carlos Espinoza, Remax Realty Group

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