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Seller's Agents & Brokers

Prime Auction Solutions creates a winning partnership with Agents & Brokers by placing the property in front of the right mix of Domestic & International Buyers through an accelerated marketing campaign. Your commission is protected and will be paid at the time of closing.

The proven use of print & digital marketing, live & online bidding brings together the right mix of qualified cash registered buyers, for a quick sale.

The Auction Date & Settlement Date are set by the Seller & Agent. Financing & Inspection contingencies are avoided, creating happy buyers & happy sellers.

Buyer’s Agents & Brokers

With our Buyer’s Broker Program, brokers are able to earn a substantial commission by representing buyers at Real Estate Auction.

  • Represent the Buyer during the Real Estate Auction
  • Complete the Broker Referral Form, 24 hours before the Auction and Submit to our office
  • Attend the Auction with your client

Auction Benefits:

  • Seller sponsors the marketing costs
  • Accelerated marketing generates a list of ready and qualified buyers
  • Increases profits, by gaining new clients
  • Offer clients a new selling and purchasing option
  • Increase market share and revenues, Auctions generate new business & new client opportunities
  • Enhance Agent/Broker image with the significant amount of advertising
  • Expose property to a new group of buyers and a fresh audience
  • Auctions appeal to many, it brings them out to preview the auction listing and can expose your other listings to the pool of qualified Buyers
  • Auctions create referral and return business
  • Seller/Broker/Agent set what day the property will sell & when it will close
  • Ability to offer the sale of other Assets alongside the auction of the Real Estate


Contact us if you have any questions about registering or participating in our upcoming Auction: 703.889.8949 or

Mobile / Online Bidding

Can’t make it to our auction?
Download our mobile bidding app to your smartphone, and bid from wherever you need to be. Works for both Apple and Android.


What Our Clients Say

"The extensive marketing they provided to get my home sold was incredible! I will only admit it now is easy to tell these ladies have massive amounts of marketing experience! I couldn’t have picked a better team to work with! Thanks for everything we look forward to referring you to friends and family!"

Mauri E.

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